Nov 25

Turkey Bowl!

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Janelle: Welcome, ladies to our post-game coverage of the 2005 Mahaney Turkey Bowl. The teams were led by captains Kristin Chesemore and Chad Mahaney. Chad’s team had Mike and Janelle Bradshaw and Carolyn Mahaney while Kristin’s team had Brian Chesemore and Steve and Nicole Whitacre. It was intense!

I’m standing here with the permanent quarter back, C.J. Mahaney. Mr. Mahaney, what was your perspective on today’s game?

Mr. Mahaney: It was yet another close game. The score was tied at 28 when darkness began to settle in over the field. Appeals were made to end the game due to darkness and frostbite. But I don’t believe in tie games, so a unique “sudden death” format was created: a one-on-one challenge between Kristin and Chad. Each player was allowed 4 downs and the game would go until someone scored. On first down, I threw a long pass to Kristin who made a spectacular catch. But Chad came back with a vengeance over the next three downs, denying Kristin a touchdown. When Chad’s turn with the ball came, Kristin took a rather violent approach to her defense, mugging Chad as he attempted to catch the winning pass. Though not allowed in college or pro football, this kind of defense is permitted by the ladies only in the Turkey Bowl. But in a dramatic fashion, on fourth down, Chad caught a long touchdown pass and years of frustrating and humiliating defeats came to an end.

Janelle: Thank you, Mr. Mahaney. Let’s turn to our winner, Chad Mahaney, and see what he has to say…

Chad: I want to congratulate Kristin Chesemore and her team for a hard fought battle on the field today. It is possible, that my sister’s proud comment prior to the game played a role in the outcome of the game.

Janelle: Thank you, Chad, and congratulations on your win. I tried to secure an interview with Kristin Chesemore, but she declined to comment. (Just kidding. In a fine display of sportsmanship, she offered her opponent a warm congratulations.)

Thank you, ladies, for joining us this evening. For further information on today’s game, scroll down to view some pictures of the competition.

A meal before the big game

No comment

The men preparing to warm up

Can you say “FREEZING?”


Serious about their game

Almost over