Dec 10

A Christmas Story for Adults

2009 at 4:56 pm   |   by Nicole Whitacre Filed under Resource Recommendations | Homemaking | Holidays

unfinished giftI’ve never outgrown my love for a good Christmas story. Problem is, good Christmas stories for adults are much harder to find.

But this year, we can happily recommend a new book for your personal Christmas story time. The Unfinished Gift is a new novel by author Dan Walsh—who also happens to be a Sovereign Grace Ministries pastor in Daytona Beach, FL.

Despite the author’s balmy writing weather, this book has the authentic feel of a bitterly cold winter in 1943. Patrick, the seven-year-old main character, faces sudden grief and an uncertain future with his crotchety grandfather (who, most notably to me, never keeps the house warm enough!).

Old judgments and bitterness linger long in this family, and the evil of prejudice still infects the community. But the brave charity of strangers comes to Patrick’s rescue. And the kindness, long-suffering, and forgiveness of two women who loved their family bring restoration, long after they are gone.

This book’s redemptive and godly themes stand out against the cynical and raunchy holiday fare peddled for adults. Not only can you read this book without feeling yucky or depressed, you’ll find hope that springs eternal, grace in unexpected kindness, and a harvest of righteousness for peacemakers who sow in peace.

So, treat yourself to The Unfinished Gift this Christmas season. I dare you to read it through without crying