May 11

A Bad Idea?

2009 at 4:09 pm   |   by Nicole Whitacre

Stockxpertcom_id39795141_jpg_d0ef100ae7bd185eee3cc4cc6cb41d2a The sentimentalism and commercialism of Mother’s Day has Dr. Al Mohler thinking that “Mother’s Day is a bad idea.”

“Christians must resist the reduction of motherhood to sentimentality,” he insists, “and particularly that sentimentalism that undermines what mothers are truly to represent—nurture, fortitude, courage, dedication, faithfulness, discipline, and trust in God.”

“Mother’s Day is a bad idea,” he concludes, “because it subverts the reality of faithful mothering and robs faithful mothers of their true glory.”

As usual, Dr. Mohler’s biblical insights cut through our culture’s cloudy worldview and provides a compelling alternative: Let’s not stop honoring mothers on Mother’s Day, but let’s not stop there—let’s give faithful, godly mothers appropriate honor all-year long.

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