Apr 21

A Mother’s Prayer

2009 at 4:05 pm   |   by Nicole Whitacre Filed under Motherhood | Parenting Teenagers

If you are the mother of a rebellious child, the great pastor Charles Spurgeon has some encouraging counsel for you:

“Children are a precious gift from God, but much anxiety comes with them. In all cases, the Word of God gives us one receipt for the curing of all their ills, ‘Bring him unto me…Never must we cease to pray until they cease to breathe. No case is hopeless while Jesus lives. The Lord sometimes suffers his people to be driven into a corner that they may experimentally know how necessary He is to them. Ungodly children, when they show us our own powerlessness against the depravity of their hearts, drive us to flee to the strong for strength, and this is a great blessing to us. Whatever our morning’s need may be, let it like a strong current bear us to the ocean of divine love. Jesus can soon remove our sorrow, he delights to comfort us. Let us hasten to Him while He waits to meet us.” (Morning and Evening, September 17)

Are you “driven in a corner” today by an ungodly child? Then may I encourage you to “flee to the strong for strength”? Jesus delights to comfort you, to give you hope, and to hear your prayers.

Last year we started The FAM Club to encourage fasting and prayer for members of our family, and we wrote several posts that I hope will remind you of the fruitfulness of persevering prayer:

Stockxpertcom_id66407_size1 A mother who prayed faithfully for the salvation her six daughters.
Stockxpertcom_id66407_size1Charles Bridges’ exhortation to persevering prayer.
Stockxpertcom_id66407_size1The well-known story of Augustine’s mother.

Remember: “No case is hopeless while Jesus lives.”