Nov 27

An Amazing Day

2011 at 7:15 pm   |   by Nicole Whitacre Filed under Motherhood | Adoption

Well, it’s 2am in Addis and I can’t sleep. Jet lag plus excitement is a powerful combination. Today was indescribable, meeting these two little ones for the first time, but Steve has captured it well on our adoption blog so I’m going to let him fill you in. Thanks to all of you for your prayers and support. Our court date is Wednesday so please pray for favor with the judge. If, God-willing, we pass court, we will finally be able to show you pictures of our new son and daughter!

Quite The Introduction

Today was as exhilerating as it was exhausting. After a morning spent settling in and a lunch that just couldn’t go by fast enough, we rode across town to the America World Transition Home to meet our new children. We waited only briefly and then rejoiced as we watched them walk to us, stooped to embrace them, and felt their little arms around our necks.

We got to spend a few hours together: playing soccer, coloring, blowing bubbles, and building Legos. Our hearts are bursting with joy and gratitude to God - Happy Thanksgiving indeed. Watching our two new children play with Jack and Tori, we marveled at the way they are already beginning to fit right in to our family. There’s not a lot we can communicate with them just yet, although we loved hearing “Dad” and “Mommy” from their lips. And we’re peppering them with “I love you’s,” in English and in the best Amharic we can muster, which isn’t very good. But we think they’re getting the point.

Yesterday was delightful but oh, so brief. Today we’ll get to spend a significant part of the day with them. Can’t wait to get started. I can’t let this post close with issuing another THANK YOU for your many prayers that brought us to this point. Thank for sharing in our joy and helping to make it possible!