Oct 25

Baby Chesemore Update

2010 at 4:27 pm   |   by Kristin Chesemore Filed under Fun & Encouragement | Girltalkers

Pink is slowly piling up in our home. We now have pink blankets, pink clothes, and even a pink (and red) room. I love this little girl thing!

And this little girl is almost here. I am now at 39 weeks, and if she doesn’t come in the next few days I will be induced this Thursday, October 28.

The boys and Brian can’t wait for baby Claire to come, but I’m hoping she’ll hold off a few more days. I still have to finish my “nesting list.”

It has been seven years since we brought a baby home from the hospital, and, to be honest, I’m a bit rusty! I’ve been walking the baby aisles at Target and Walmart trying to recall what supplies I will need to care for a newborn. I found new “advanced” bottles that didn’t exist seven years ago (how many advances in bottle technology can there be?), and began worrying about all the other things I might be “missing”. I had to stop and remind myself that I already have “the essentials”: a few sleepers, diapers and wipes, a bassinet, and a car seat. We’ll be just fine. And I’m sure the new mommy skills will all come back to me very quickly!

I would very much appreciate your prayers this Thursday. We’ll let you know when little Claire Chesemore arrives!