Sep 8

Family Talk and a Giveaway

2009 at 1:29 pm   |   by Nicole Whitacre Filed under Motherhood | Parenting Young Children

On Sunday evening the Mahaney clan gathered at Dad and Mom’s house for dinner. The weather was mild, so we ate outside on the patio and sat around talking until after dark. The boys played wiffle ball and the girls staked out the sandbox; then, when night came, they all hunted groundhogs with flashlights.

The adult conversation usually covers a wide variety of topics—from theology to sports to politics to humor—all in a matter of a few minutes. But this evening we were focused on one topic: being parents.

start your familyThat’s because of an interview request from Steve & Candice Watters, authors of the book and blog Start Your Family. This couple’s heart is to “encourage couples to be intentional about their timeline in the early years of marriage and to trust God to help them boldly launch their families.”

We spent a delightful hour talking about the joys of children and the blessing of family and you can read the interview at Due to space limitations, they were only able to publish part of our conversation, so if you are interested you can download the entire interview.

And the giveaway? You can win a copy of Start Your Family:Inspiration for Having Babies, courtesy of Steve & Candice. Just be one of the first three people to contact us and request a copy. To qualify you must be engaged or newly married without kids.

Thanks, Steve and Candice for the opportunity to reflect upon God’s gift of family!

UPDATE: Congratulations to our winners: Hannah, Whitney, & Karen!