Apr 27

Free Time?

2009 at 1:55 pm   |   by Carolyn Mahaney

If you’re like me—middle aged or older—this girl talk week is for you. We’re going to suggest some great deals for “older” women (Titus 2:3-5).

I have two dear, long-time friends—Betsy and Nancy—who are fellow “older” women; each of us is a grandmother with only one or two children still at home. Once a month we try to meet for fellowship, and I treasure these times.

We often talk about how different our life is now than when our children were small. We aren’t interrupted all day with needs, requests, demands. We can start a task and finish it. We can talk in complete sentences. We can think one thought at a time. We can expect our day to go pretty much as we planned.

Stockxpertcom_id5681101_jpg_cd9f5ee8f0d570ca13e197c24e32297e We might have more free time. But it’s not free. It is a gift from God, purchased by our Savior and we must use our time for His glory.

So we try to use this season to pray more.

We each feel a responsibility to pray more, particularly for our families. My father’s mother had fifty grandchildren and she prayed for each of them, by name, every day. I want to follow her example. And so, each day, I seek God on behalf of my husband, daughters and son, my sons-in-law, my grandsons and my granddaughters.

We also want to study Scripture more.

A few weeks ago we covered this in detail. And I want to encourage all of us to:

Become a Theologian
Use This Time profitably, and
Go to the School of the Word

My friends and I love to talk about how God is answering our prayers and teaching us through His Word. We are so grateful for this season, and these best of deals!