Jan 29

Friday Funnies and Monday Prizes

2010 at 5:22 pm   |   by Nicole Whitacre Filed under The 5 O’Clock Club | The FAM Club

So, Monday’s the big day. Club signup will begin at 5 O’Clock am (EST) and if you’re taking the 28-day challenge, be sure to set your alarm (2 or 3 if need be) for whatever early time you want to get up! The way we figure it, after 28 days of rising early or 4 weeks of fasting once a week, these disciplines will be well-worn habits.

And join with your friends—that’s how we got started. Mom used to call the three of us each morning to wake us up; and we all used to fast on the same day of the week as well. As I poured my second cup of coffee or tried to ignore my growling stomach, it was nice to know my mom and sisters were too. And excuses don’t sound so noble when you tell a friend. So, sign up for the clubs together and hold each other accountable.

OK, we said there would be a prize for the first 28 people (not counting us) and every 28th person after that. You will each win a $5 Starbucks card!

Finally, to the funnies. We first posted this cute story after our initial FAM Club posts. It still makes me smile. Renee wrote in:

Just wanted to share a funny….now it is….. story about a friend who was fasting. I saw my friend in church. His face was scratched and had brushburns, bruises, scrapes, like when my son fell off his bike. I asked what happened and he said he was fasting and passed out!!

So much for trying not to have a disfigured face, and then everyone knows what you were doing…..

See you Monday, bright and early!

Nicole for the girls