Mar 20

Friday Funnies

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After my little adventure last week, my friend Elise sent me an e-mail with her own story that made me feel a little better. I’m not the only one after all. Thanks, Elise!

12 years ago, I took Austin to get a mommy/son picture for David for Valentine’s Day at the mall. Where were you in my life, Janelle?!! (Austin was 4 months old… it was Feb.) I put Austin in the car, threw in my purse, shut the door and all the doors, simultaneously locked shut! I did have my wallet with a AAA card… had to find someone to watch the car so I could call…
Minutes later… 4 (!!!!) firetrucks screamed into the mall with a locksmith’s truck behind them. Puzzled… I looked around wondering where the fire was, “Oh my goodness! I’m so glad we got out of the mall in time…” To my horror… they spotted me and within moments… we were surrounded! 10 men jumped out (OK… it was really 4, but seemed like 25) all virtually attacked the windows of our Honda trying to unlock it! Within moments… I was IN… AUSTIN SLEPT THROUGH THE WHOLE THING… but I was a wreck.
Be warned, not a month later… I stepped out on my front stoop to get the paper! In a towel and robe from the shower… Yep! The door closed, latched and I was LOCKED OUT of my HOUSE!!! (Yes, my hubby was working in DC and no Mother-In-Laws between here and CT!)... Austin inside in a port-a-crib. I had to run to a friend’s house, in my robe and towel to get the key. Actually, they lived in another neighborhood entirely. This good natured friend was delighted I had stopped by for a morning cup of coffee. Incredulous I exclaimed, “I’m in a robe and towel!! She simply and ever-so-sweetly asked, “Where’s Austin?”
“At home, in my locked house!!!”
Don’t think it can’t happen “again” or “worse”... that being said, I have never left, locked or lost my keys since. AND I’ll never live that down with my husband! (No matter how many kids he accidentally bumps into the running ceiling fan!)
Yes! It’s amazing they’re all still alive!
Thanks for sharing! I laughed out loud remembering!!

Until Monday,
Janelle for the girltalkers