Jun 23

A Homemaker’s Dilemma, Pt. 4

2009 at 10:52 am   |   by Carolyn Mahaney Filed under Homemaking

We’ve been so encouraged by your response to last week’s posts on “A Homemaker’s Dilemma.” Your resolve to live out Scripture’s teaching in your homes, even when it is difficult, is a testimony to the work of God’s Spirit “leading you into all truth.”

Meredith “gets it”:

“Thank you for your posts on “A Homemaker’s Dilemma” which have certainly helped to clarify my thinking on the subject. It seems to me that trying to rouse a lazy husband out of his laziness by trying to get him to do the wife’s work certainly doesn’t solve the problem. It just adds to it in lots of ways. And finding one’s joy in one’s own role “that is out of reach of the husband’s behaviour” is central. So, thank you.”

Many of you sent in great questions as well and we’ll try to answer a few of them this week.

But today we thought you’d be encouraged by one woman’s story of how a biblical perspective on her role in the home helped her resist the temptation to resentment:

I just wanted to say thank you very much for your recent articles on the wife’s role in the home. It was a timely reminder for. This morning I was really struggling to get our pre-school children ready for church and do the last minute preparations for the surprise party of one of my husband’s friends which was happening after church in our house. I turned round and saw my husband sitting at his computer stroking the cat who was on his knee. There was an immediate twinge of resentment, but very quickly followed by a reminder that my role is to look after the home. I was able to carry on with a lightness in my heart and the end result was children who skipped into church and a husband who, at the end of the day noticed how tired I was and cleared away the tea time dishes, without saying a word, while I was putting the girls to bed. Because I was able to keep a right attitude we had a harmonious and peaceful day (and the party went well!), I could so easily have created a really tough day by feeling resentful—so thank you very much for your timely and wise instruction, I really appreciate it.

How much better it is to honor God and experience the joy and peace that are the companions of His good and perfect ways!