Sep 25

How to Handle Mommy Emotions

2014 at 8:16 am   |   by Nicole Whitacre Filed under Biblical Womanhood | Emotions

Y’all are coming up huge with your comments for our book on emotions. Thank you!

We’re learning (no surprise!) that many of you struggle with your feelings as a mother. We just finished a series on helping our children with their emotions, but what about our emotions?

Children bring out love, tenderness, joy, impatience, fear, anger, frustration, despair, and guilt like no one else in our lives. Not to mention that we do this job in isolation, with fluctuating hormones, and sleep deprived. Motherhood is an emotional pressure cooker.

Here’s how you describe it:

“Something about the sound of my baby’s shouting causes such an irritability to rise up in me.”

“Emotions plague me, and as a result, my household. My poor parents had no clue, leaving me with no clue. So here I am, feeling like I am setting up my kids for failure.”

“I feel so guilty, and fear that my relationship with my seventeen year old son will be damaged beyond repair because I lack self-control and lose my temper.”

“I longed for my child to regain his composure and have some self-control while I was losing my own.”

“Sometimes I’m feeling overly emotional and one toddler tantrum throws me over the edge. I usually reserve the cry-sesh for when the babies are napping but is it wrong to feel so much better after releasing that pent up emotion?”

We should have it all together by now! But instead our emotions are more confusing and overwhelming than ever. We can’t handle our own feelings much less teach our children. We never had godly role models to show us the way.

How do we get a grip on our mommy emotions? Can we learn how to handle stressful moments with peace and poise? Is it possible to be free from guilt? Can we understand and even overcome our powerful emotions?

Scripture’s solutions are in plain view, if we know where to look. So let’s take a look together, shall we?

God did not curse us with emotions to make motherhood more difficult and confusing. He gifted us with emotions so that we could experience motherhood to the fullest, be a blessing to our family, and most of all, enjoy and delight in Him.

By the grace of God, our emotions can enrich our lives instead of darken them:

~We can find the “way of escape” when all we want to do is scream.

~Instead of lashing out, we can learn how to respond with kindness and grace.

~We can have peace, even in the chaotic hour before dinner or during the tense, late-night sessions with our teenager.

Motherhood, to borrow the words of JI Packer, will never be “a joyride” but when we learn to biblically handle our emotions, it “will become increasingly a joy road.”

Let’s walk this road together.