Mar 4

How to Stay Awake During Prayer

2010 at 4:50 pm   |   by Nicole Whitacre Filed under The 5 O’Clock Club | The FAM Club

Great news—Dawn’s kids aren’t in The 5 O’Clock Club anymore!

Thanks so much again for answering my mail about the 5 O’Clock Club. Things have been going better. Thanks so much for the phone under the pillow idea. I have also worked on not stepping on the top step of our stairs and that helps a lot too. I have been able to get up and not wake the children this last week.

Yeah! We’re so glad to hear God is helping your kids sleep and you wake up.

But, says Dawn, “I have one remaining problem—how to stay awake during prayer. (I have tried praying aloud—well, in a whisper—but somehow I still fall asleep.) But you have encouraged me to think creatively so I am sure I will find the answer.”

Been there too, Dawn. Creativity is certainly called for. Here are a few things we’ve tried—

- Pray while you exercise. Mom used to prop her prayer list up on the treadmill console and pray while she exercised.

- Pray in the shower. From an idea Mom gave me, I printed my prayer list, put it in a sheet protector and taped it to the wall of my shower. I had some of my best prayer times there—although our water bill probably went up!

- Pray on a walk. When Tori was a baby, I would sometimes walk around the block with her in the stroller. This idea doesn’t work with toddlers though.

- Pray as you pace. This might not work with light sleepers in the house, but Janelle gets up and walks around if she feels sleepy during prayer.

- Pray after you wake up. Sometimes it helps me to pray after an activity that really wakes me up—taking a shower, emptying the dishwasher, etc. My husband often goes running sometimes before his quiet time.

- Pray after coffee (or caffeinated beverage of choice). The 5 O’Clock club runs on coffee.

- Pray before you pray. Ask God for grace to stay awake and pray!

Hope those simple ideas get you started. We’re confident God is eager to help you grow in prayer!