Feb 12

Motherhood, Ministry, and Humanity

2013 at 9:40 am   |   by Nicole Whitacre Filed under Motherhood

If you are a mom at home with small children, or a woman doing an obscure and seemingly small work for Christ, then I have a book recommendation for you. It’s called Sensing Jesus by Zack Eswine.

This is a book for pastors, which is why I wanted to tell you about it. I’m not sure if the author meant it to encourage ordinary moms like you and me, but it certainly does.

“In Jesus, we do not do away with possessing an ambition for great things” writes Dr. Eswine, “Rather we learn in him to make sure that the greatness we strive for is the kind that he values.”

Sensing Jesus doesn’t merely teach us why we should value the ordinary and mundane, it awakens an appreciation for the humility and honor of our humanity in Christ.

And while this truth is important for pastors, it is also significant for our ministry as mothers. For we live in a culture that disdains and devalues all that is mundane, ordinary, and obscure about our calling to raise the next generation to the honor and glory of Jesus Christ.

One of the reasons I love this book is because Dr. Eswine describes in beautiful prose a godly manner of life that I have seen in my mother and grandmother:

Contentment and gratitude for God’s gifts—family, community, food, a loved and loving home, laughter.

Courage and conviction to live by the Word of God alone, day in and day out, whether in difficulty or obscurity.

Commitment to one man and ones own children for the sake of Jesus Christ.

Humility that doesn’t strive for glory apart from faithfully following the Savior.

There is a weightiness and a wealth in this legacy of ordinary faithfulness; and like fireflies in a Mason jar, Sensing Jesus captures this glory in the ordinary for us to marvel at and emulate:

“Therefore, those of you searching for something larger, faster, and more significant, who feel that if you could just be somewhere else doing something else as somebody else, then your life would really matter—Jesus has come to confound you… He may call you to courageously prize what is overlooked and mundane among those whose cravings for the next and the now might cause them to soon overlook you…”

So my fellow “overlooked” moms, let’s come to the only “Remembered One” because “being remembered by him means we no longer fear being forgotten by the world. Living humanly within his remembrance is enough.”