May 10

Mother’s Day Contest Winner #5

2013 at 5:13 pm   |   by Nicole Whitacre Filed under Biblical Womanhood | Motherhood

Rebekah sent us this beautiful tribute to her mother:

Dear Girltalk,

I saw your contest for mothers day and instantly thought of my mother. I didn’t think of her because she needs to win a contest, but because I see a perfect opportunity to share about her. Perhaps you will be the only person who reads this, but I hope that hearing about her is an encouragement to you as you pursue godly “womanhood”.

My mom entered our family when I was 14. My first mom passed away of breast cancer, and so for 7 years my 3 sisters and I were raised by our father.

We were one crazy family living in Montana when a sweet southern belle, Lisa, entered our lives. I don’t remember my parents dating relationship being too long, but I do remember her coming out to visit from the south a couple of times, and how quickly she started to show love to our family.

I could probably write a book about our families story, but I will skip straight to the part about learning life lessons from her.

Here is a woman that had never been married before, moving across the country, to be the wife and mother of a widower and 4 new daughters. She didn’t even have any of her friends in her wedding. Instead she had her new daughters stand up with her as bridesmaids.

She entered our family graciously. She saw flaws in us all, but was quick to pray and slow to speak. She shared her opinion, but was quick to submit to my Dad. She constantly sought older women to disciple her and encouraged our walks with the Lord.

Many women could come into a situation like that and struggle with jealousy of the first wife. That is NOT my mom. She came into our home and sought to understand my first mom, to respect her, to continue her prayers for her daughters, and then she sought to love my first mom’s extended family! She is others-minded.

She has been an example of a quiet and gentle spirit. She is always ready to love first and be loved second. She holds the Word close to her heart and seeks to live by it’s Truth, through the strength of the Lord.

When I got married almost 2 years ago I remember Lisa pulling me aside and telling me that she “wished Vanessa could be here to see her prayers answered, but we can’t question the Sovereignty of the Lord, so I will do my best to stand in for her”. The selflessness of that statement has stayed with me.

I have a picture of my first mom on my refrigerator, beside it I have a picture of my youngest sister. She was born to my Dad and Lisa right after I turned 16. Abigail has been one of our families biggest joys and blessings. I look at the pictures of my first mom and sister and see God’s Sovereignty played out in my life. I will see my mom again some day. Until then I get to enjoy my new mother, who without, I would not have my sweet sister.

I hope that as you go through your day, you can think of Lisa and see the Lord’s strength in her and remember to pray first, love first, seek wisdom, and pursue the Lord.


A grateful daughter