Jul 6

9Marks on Pastoring Women

2010 at 8:45 pm   |   by Nicole Whitacre Filed under Biblical Womanhood | Church Life

The latest 9Marks e-journal is entitled “Pastoring Women: Understanding and Honoring Distinctiness.” If your pastor doesn’t already know about this resource, send him the link! But we hope every woman will read this issue, and two articles in particular. First up is Susan Hunt, who once again casts the Titus 2 vision for women training women in biblical womanhood. Her article, “Wanted: More Women Discipling Younger Women” opens with this compelling illustration:

“I had spoken on the topic of biblical womanhood and a college-age woman asked me a thoughtful question: How can I think biblically about my womanhood when I am constantly told that independence is power and that I should seek my own fulfillment and determine my own destiny? My answer: “Go to godly women in your church and ask them to speak the truth of biblical womanhood into your life. Ask them to show you how to live for God’s glory as a woman.” And moms with young kids, you won’t want to miss Jani Ortlund’s article “For the Young Mother: Ministry, Guilt, and Seasons of Life.” Right from the outset, Mrs. Ortlund identifies with the unique challenges facing young moms, and she goes on to offer wise counsel and biblical encouragement. We hope every young mom will take these words to heart:

“Ministry means being “all there.” It means rejoicing that you get to show your children how to peddle a tricycle, make their bed, build good memories, and share their toys with others. You serve your family, and ultimately your heavenly Father, by helping your child do that puzzle for the seventeenth time, by washing those sticky fingers, by planting a little garden, by acting out Bible stories and praying together, and by preparing for their daddy’s return as the highlight of your day!” Thanks to the folks at 9Marks for serving us with this oustanding journal!