May 25

Photography Talk

2010 at 3:59 pm   |   by Janelle Bradshaw Filed under Fun & Encouragement | Photography

So it’s time for some photography talk! As I said in my first post, if you hear an expert contradict what I say, go with them.

At first I’m going to share ideas that everyone with a camera—point-and-shoot or slr—can apply. I might get to more technical aspects of photography later on.

My first suggestion is to overshoot. Take tons and tons of pictures. When I was in school my teachers would always tell us that film was the cheapest part of photography, so shoot lots and lots of it. And now that most of us shoot digital, we don’t even have to pay for film! It only costs a little time to delete bad pictures.

Realistically, I hope for one to three really good images for every hundred or so that I might shoot. I know that might sound a little silly, but I’m being serious. The best photographers out there aren’t getting that perfect shot with every click of the shutter. We just never see the dozens of images that they don’t use.

Take, for example, the image that I used for 52home yesterday, the one of the cousins eating ice cream together. I have forty-nine of those. I just showed you one. And after looking through them, I wish I would have taken one hundred and forty-nine! I didn’t love all the expressions in the one I chose, but it was the best of the forty-nine. Imagine if I had only taken ten shots. I would have regretted it later. I’m regretting only taking forty-nine right now!

So next time you go to take a picture, press that shutter a few extra times. When you think you might have nailed it, take 10 more. Deleting later is the easy part! But recreating that moment—probably impossible.