Apr 11

Post + 52home

2011 at 9:49 pm   |   by Janelle Bradshaw Filed under Biblical Womanhood | 52home

“One of those days” for us girltalkers today. Nicole woke up with the flu and it was her day to post. Not good.

I was supposed to cover for her but mom and I had a mid-day bug crisis after a visit from the exterminator revealed that we actually had more bugs in the house than we even thought. Not good.

I think Kristin’s day was good though. No flu or bugs for her.

So today’s post is a 52home and post combo. Mom and I did a little something new to one of our dining room walls recently and it was super easy. We already had two old windows and some little wreaths but it needed something more. So all the credit to mom, she came up with the idea of taking some pictures of scrabble pieces with phrases meaningful to our fam and hanging them on the windows. I took the pictures and had them mounted on a piece of styrene. Kinda like foam board. We simply adhered them to the windows and we were done. Below I included the finished product as well as a close up of each of the pictures for you to see.

Hoping tomorrow has no sickness and no bugs!