May 3

Prayers of an Excellent Wife

2010 at 3:25 pm   |   by Nicole Whitacre Filed under Biblical Womanhood | Prayer | Marriage

prayers of an excellent wifeAs wives we want to pray for our husbands, we try to pray for our husbands—but so often we come up short. Our prayers can be shallow and repetitive, and we feel guilty and discouraged.

But Andrew Case has come to our rescue with his new book: Prayers of an Excellent Wife

As Justin Taylor explains, “Unlike some other similar books, this one is saturated with Bible and sound biblical theology, along with lots of good sidebar quotes about the power and purpose of prayer.”

Here’s Mom’s endorsement.

“Charles Spurgeon said we can do our husband ‘no truer kindness in the world’ than to pray for him. Yet as wives, we often struggle to pray consistently for our husbands. We forget in the busyness of life; or when we do remember, our prayers may lack clarity and direction. That’s what makes this book such a valuable tool for any wife who wants to grow in praying for her husband-and isn’t that all of us? Prayers of an Excellent Wife will inspire you to pray faithfully and fervently, and instruct you how to pray according to Scripture. I hope many wives will use these prayers to lavish their husbands with kindness.”

We hope many of you will benefit from this helpful tool for wives. (And hey, great gift idea for a friend!)