Jun 21

Reilly CD Giveaway

2010 at 10:14 am   |   by Janelle Bradshaw Filed under Fun & Encouragement

around the worldMy husband Mike runs the music department here at girltalk. Didn’t know we had one of those? We don’t. We girltalkers aren’t known for our musical abilities, nor can we identify good music when we hear it. Hey, if we like a song, we like it! It’s all pretty subjective.

So when the Reilly band sent us their new CD, Around the World for review, we passed it along to Mike (who does know a good song from a bad one). Mike and I have enjoyed seeing Reilly in concert a few times—at NEXT and at Covenant Life. So here are a few of Mike’s thoughts on Reilly’s new release:

reillyFans of Reilly’s unique “violin rock” sound will be pleased to know that Around the World is a continuation of Noele and Dan’s dueling violins, Matthew’s interesting bass riffs, with more progressive guitar work from Dan and John (often trading his acoustic for the electric). The addition of Jordan Lenhoff on drums adds a percussion side that we have not heard until this latest effort. Check out the following tracks for a good sampling of their sound: “Around the World,” “Free,” “Light Up the Darkness” and “Wake Us Up.” Vocally interesting, John refuses to deliver the predictable melody lines. Noele takes the lead vocals on a beautiful ballad titled, “Yahweh”. Well done!

The sound will entertain you as you are reminded of your need for a sovereign God and His grace revealed in the cross through their thoughtful lyrics. This truly is the most important part of a song and Reilly did not loose sight of meaningful, biblical, faith-filled songwriting.

Reilly, I don’t know anything about progressive guitar work or interesting bass riffs, but I am enjoying your CD. I’m even listening to it while I write this post. Nice job on a really good CD!

Special giveaway for 5 O’Clock Club Members: If you woke up early—at whatever time you committed to—for the past week (Monday to Sunday) contact us. We’ll send a free copy of the new Reilly cd to the first three members who respond.

UPDATE, 11:33 AM: Contest officially over. Thanks to those of you who responded and congratulations for getting up early! We’ll contact the winners shortly.