Aug 27

Single & Married Womanly Dominion

2009 at 3:04 pm   |   by Carolyn Mahaney Filed under Biblical Womanhood | Book and Music Reviews

womanly dominion“Dear beloved and blessed wives and mothers….I know that some of you have been long on the field, and it’s late in the game, and you’re fatigued to the point of exhaustion. Though the outside world may not applaud you, and your inside flesh may scold you, I cheer you on to “play your position.” Press on with your womanly dominion assignment. I assure you. At the end of the day, you’ll not regret it. You’ll be draped with the only medal that really matters…the Lord Jesus Christ, will personally commend you with history’s highest honor: “Well done, thou good and faithful servant.” Womanly Dominion, p. 43

As wives and mothers we want to serve the Lord with “joy and gladness” but we’re often “fatigued to the point of exhaustion” aren’t we? We need to have our minds realigned to the truth of our high calling. We need to have our hearts filled with holy delight in God’s purposes and plans. To that end, I recommend rereading this chapter at least once a year!

But we want to cheer on the single woman today. As much as we love this chapter, we don’t think the author clearly defines your role in the creation mandate.

You might not be able to literally “be fruitful and multiply”, but as Elisabeth Elliot says, “A single woman can have children!”

Here’s how: “She may be a spiritual mother, as was Amy Carmichael [missionary to orphans in India], by the very offering of her singleness, transformed for the good of far more children than a natural mother may produce.”

As a spiritual mother, you may do good to many more children than a natural mother. I pray God will give you a vision for the many ways He wants to use you to care for these little ones. (Read more here.)

And you might not be married, but as we’ve written before “Your helper design isn’t something you cash in come marriage….You were born feminine. Your helper role is called for today.” So, consider: how has God has called you to be supportive, responsive, and nurturing in the various spheres of your life?

John Piper sums it up better than I can:

“Marriage and singleness both present us with unique trials and unique opportunities for our sanctification. There will be unique rewards for each, and which is greater will not depend on whether you were married or single, but on how you responded to each.”

Single women, we want to be your cheerleaders! Some of you are “fatigued to the point of exhaustion” and we want to encourage you to “press on in your womanly dominion assignment” By the grace of God, strive with all your might to hear “well done good and faithful servant!”

Mark Chanski is right about this: You’ll not regret it.

(Chapter three coming up next week)