Mar 13

Teaching Kids at Easter

2013 at 7:02 am   |   by Nicole Whitacre

Easter is one of those holidays that always sneaks up on me. For some reason when it is still cold outside I assume Easter must be a long way off, but at the latitude in which I have lived my entire life, this “warm weather” guide fails me every year. So when girltalk reader, Jerilyn, wrote in the other day to ask about how we teach our kids at Easter time, I realized, yikes, it’s probably coming up real soon. Yep, March 31.

So I apologize for the lateness of these ideas. They would have been more helpful in February. But here goes anyways. Many of these resources we’ve posted before, but here they are, all in one place:

1. Tracts - Easter Unscrambled. I love the little tracts for kids from the Good Book company. We use them at Christmas and Easter and with presents for our kids friends. They are great little tools that get kids reading and interacting with Scripture. Good for family devotions.

2. Books - The Very First Easter by Paul Maier, and the chapters in the Jesus Storybook Bible surrounding Jesus’ death and resurrection are delightful to read around Good Friday and Easter.

3. Videos – We’ve recommended these before but there are two brief and helpful videos for unbelievers about Easter, and a wonderful Jesus Storybook Bible video as well.

4. Cookies and Eggs – kids always remember stuff they can make, eat, and hold in their hands. So we like to use the Resurrection Eggs from FamilyLife, or you can make Resurrection Cookies if you’re so inclined.

5. For Adults – Our children will learn the most from our gratefulness for the cross and joy in the resurrection. So one of the best ways to prepare our kids for Easter is to prepare our own heart. The writers that Nancy Guthrie compiled for Jesus, Keep Me Near the Cross are stellar, every one. And for parents, Dr. Russell Moore’s article “Is Easter Too Violent for Kids?” is very helpful to review.

May God use our simple efforts to emblazon the Easter message on our children’s hearts this year!