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Thanks for Joining Us!

2010 at 4:52 pm   |   by Nicole Whitacre Filed under The 5 O’Clock Club | The FAM Club

When we called each other at 4:45 am yesterday morning to prepare to open the clubs, we didn’t know what to expect. “What if it flops and no one signs up?” we wondered.

“And why do we always launch new stuff so early?” Janelle asked in her groggy morning voice (I wish you could hear what she sounds like at 5 am!). No one answered her.

I mean, if you didn’t know better, you might think we were trying to sabotage our own blog. Why else would we start two clubs with such unappealing membership requirements as less sleep and less food, and then kick them off at 5 O’Clock in the morning?

But you all began to sign up before 5 O’Clock! We tried to keep pace—accepting each request as it came in; but we soon fell hopelessly behind and the site was so overwhelmed that we could no longer access the management page. By late afternoon our site designer came to the rescue, and accepted your requests in one large batch. We are working hard this morning to add the newest members.

As of right now, The 5 O’Clock Club has over 600 members and The Fam Club has over 250—and both are growing! (By the way, you’ll notice the names are sorted alphabetically, but we have a record of the order of signup and will be contacting the Starbucks card winners shortly.)

What’s exciting to us is not that we have a lot of names on our rolls, it’s what your eagerness to join these clubs represents—your hunger for God’s Word, your passion to grow in prayer, your longing to see the lost sinners in your family come to Christ, your awareness of your desperate need for God’s grace, your determination to sit at Jesus’ feet each morning.

These themes echoed throughout your comments. We wish we could post them all here, but our site—already creaking under the heavy load of traffic—simply doesn’t have the space. But here’s how a few of our fellow club members answered the questions:

“Why do you want to join The 5 O’Clock Club?”

To join women from around the world in pursuing godliness in this discipline of rising early and sitting at His feet.

To help me get a spiritually healthy habit started and doing it together makes it that much sweeter

I have three little ones who seem to be conspiring to wreck my quiet time in the mornings: a nursing baby, who wakes up at a different time each day, and two preschoolers who are making a rocky transition to sharing a room. I want to get up earlier so that I will be able to meet with God for a few minutes, at least, BEFORE I begin nursing the baby and intervening in the hey-get-out-of-my-bed arguments.

By God’s mercies & grace, your blog has been a means of grace to help me start & spur me to seek the Lord daily 1st thing in the morning… ever since then, (it’s been 1 year & 7 months already!), I’ve been enabled to enjoy doing it every morning. Praise God!

My sweet 5 AM friend Valerie and I have been alternating calling each other each week since the beginning of January to wake up and it has blessed us so much to be in the Word first thing each morning. It has definitely gotten easier and look forward to see how the Lord will continue to use it for His glory in our lives.

My husband and I have been waking together at 5 for about 2 years now. My parents made this a regular practice as well. It has been such a blessing to us in our spiritual growth as individuals as well as a couple. We want our boys to benefit from this practice as well.

I am the wife of one and the mother of ten children- ages 10 mo. - 10yrs. The Lord has been urging me to rise early for some time. This sounded like a beautiful way to encourage me to do just that. My godly mother was always such an example and encouragement in my life to get up early to spend time sitting at the feet of Jesus. Since she has gone to be with the Lord, it has been a battle to get up early with consistency. Thank you for this encouragement. God bless you all.

Because I think its good reading the Bible and I’m doing it with my Mum! (I’m seven years old)

My mom asked me to join the club along with my sister, aunts, and grandmother. I already spend time with God, but I would like to be more deliberate in my time with Him. I also think it would be great to do this together as a family.

I have three little kids- 4, 2 and 10 months. I will not get a moment to read the Bible if I don’t get up early! I have been part of the “6 o’clock club” of my own since I read your book “Shopping for time.” I used to think I would get a time to read the Bible during the day, but day after day I would not get to it, promising my self and God I WOULD do it tomorrow for sure. Something had to change. When I started getting up before my kids and enforcing the “don’t get up before 7am” rule for my early riser my bible reading got consistent and profitable! It has been a blessing ever since! For the first few months my sister called me every morning. Now my husband and I wake up together so it is easier to get up! It is my favorite part of the day. Thanks for the encouragement on this blog and for us moms to make time with the Lord.

For the encouragement of knowing others are waking up at the same crazy time that I am

“Why do you want to join The FAM Club?”

I’m wanting to enter for my four grandchildren!

To lock arms with others that are crying out to the Lord on behalf of family members.

God has called us to adoption so we have a lot of kids. Some of our kids come with special needs and also some pretty significant scars, some visible and some invisible. I want to pray for them that God will do some amazing work in their hearts that will show His glory and His work in their lives that they will be an amazing testimony of God’s grace and mercy.

I am the first Christian in my immediate and extended family that I know of and long for the rest of my family - mom, dad, brother, uncles, aunts, etc - to know Jesus in a real way!

I would desire not much more in life than to see my siblings..[five younger brothers] saved by the Lord Jesus in my lifetime

How important my role is as a mother to do everything I can to win my children’s hearts to Christ. I teach them, train them, and pray for them, but have not fasted for them. The stories that you have posted have struck deep, and what better what to get on my knees for my girls than with fasting. I hope I can keep this up until all my children are saved, and then fast for their children… so until the day I die!

My husband is not saved. We have 5 children ranging in age from 2 years old to 20 years of age. Obviously the little ones haven’t received salvation but neither have the big boys. I would love to take a day and a meal a week and spend it in prayer for them. (If not more!) My greatest hope and prayer is one day my whole family can share a love of Christ together.

words cant even begin to explain what something like this means…I just want to SEE GOD WORK in the LIVE OF THOSE I LOVE!!!!

My mother passed away in August and my father was just recently diagnosed with stage 4 cancer. My mother had made a profession of faith, but my father never has…I want to truly commit to praying for his and my brother’s salvation.

What a joy, honor, privilege, and blessing to be able to fast and pray for my family, my church, Sovereign Grace, and other needs I hear about. I agree with David Brainerd who wrote: “Blessed be God that I may pray.”! Thanks you four for providing this opportunity to pray and fast with and for others!

To pray for my mom.

I have been concerned about my younger brother’s salvation. He is a young teen that is in a Christian home, but I don’t see a heart that yearns for God. I have prayed for him off and on, but now I want to make the commitment to fast and pray before the Lord for him.

My immediate family has been awakened to the beauty and delight of God in Christ, but our relatives are still far off and constantly mock and ridicule us. I LONG for them to love the light and be saved! This will help me to regularly pray for them - especially my Gram, whom I love dearly.