Jun 16

We’re having a…

2010 at 3:34 pm   |   by Kristin Chesemore

kristinFor three generations, the Chesemore family has produced only boys. But the streak has finally ended—we are having a girl!

(Well, the ultra-sound tech was 90-95 percent certain, so the accountant in me isn’t totally satisfied. But Brian, the music major, said that was good enough for him!)

Assuming the tech is correct, pink will soon invade our blue house. Doll houses, kitchen sets, and baby dolls will join the current collection of hockey sticks, army men and water guns. And I will have another member of the female population living in my home. I can’t wait!

Our little girl’s first name will be Claire. We’ve been holding on to this girl’s name for eight years now. It went through Liam and Owen and it is still our favorite. Her middle name will be Charlotte after her lovely grandmother—Brian’s mom, who has waited many years for a girl in the family.

So, bring on the pink!