Nov 27

We’re Here!

2011 at 1:26 am   |   by Nicole Whitacre

My husband, on our adoption blog last night:


Two flights, three continents and 14 hours of flying time later, we arrived in Addis. We landed about 9:15pm local time (8 hours ahead of DC). We got visas and collected our bags. The drive to the guest house began to orient us to the sights and sounds of Addis.

We’re eager for tomorrow to come! After lunch we head over to the transition home to meet our kids. Can’t wait. It’s the same feeling we had just before Jack and Tori were born. So much excitement and anticipation and wonder. Thanks to all of you for your prayers to help us get to this today!

It’s now about 11:00 am Sunday morning Addis time, and this is our view from our bedroom window. In just a few hours we get to meet our kids. So excited.