Jun 30

“Why Complemegalitarian Doesn’t Work”

2010 at 4:16 pm   |   by Nicole Whitacre

What is a complemegalitarian? According to Kevin DeYoung it is a person who tries to find “a middle road” between the complementarian and egalitarian positions. But it won’t work, as Kevin explains in a three-part series on his blog.

Even if we are committed complementarians, it’s important that we reexamine this issue, because “the cultural pressure is decidedly against complementarians. We need our spines stiffened by Scripture more frequently than we realize.”

“Complementarianism is a big deal” Kevin reminds us, “not just because the roles of men and women matter and ordering the church God’s way matters. Complementarianism matters, perhaps most of all, because how we handle the Scriptures matter.”

And that’s why we think you should take the time to read Kevin’s entire series (part one, two, three).