Sweet Summertime


On the first day of summer, Mom would post a brand new schedule on the refrigerator. It was one part of a master summer plan that included plenty of time for play but also memory making, learning, and serving. The summer schedule wasn’t something Mom whipped up in five minutes. She would usually spend an entire day planning our summer—setting goals and thinking up creative activities for us to do together.

So, in addition to the daily “free swim” at the local pool, and the Sunday wiffle ball games Dad organized with the neighborhood kids, we went blackberry picking at Butler’s Orchard, learned how to sort laundry and cook a meal, had sleepovers with friends, answered phones and stuffed envelopes at the church office, babysat our cousins, went to Great American Cafe and Old Navy with Mom, practiced piano, and read books for at least one hour every day.

The summer days seemed long to us but Mom knew how short—and sweet—they really were. She wanted to make the best use of our summertime.

Last year I sat down to make summer plans for my boys. I asked for your help and you came through once again. We collected enough creative suggestions to fill a book—and many a summer hour. You can download the PDF’s and take a sneak peak at the best summer ideas by clicking on the links below.

Enjoy your summer!

Summer Schedules

Summer Activities

Summer Goals and Projects

Summer Vacations

Summer Meals